The Cloud Series Part 2: In the second part of our Scandio Cloud Series we go into detail about “Managed Hosting - the Atlassian Stack in the Cloud” and explain all the benefits using exciting customer cases.

Atlassian collaboration tools such as Confluence or Jira have long been an integral part of many companies. Whether as support for effective agile working or as a company wiki - teamwork is simplified. And this mostly as server or data center product so far. So why not use these popular tools together with the advantages of the cloud?

The world has reached a decisive peak in cloud technology. From GSuite or Office 365, to Slack and Salesforce, most companies are already using the cloud in some form or another. Atlassian also builds and designs cloud software to meet the needs of all customers, from startups to corporations.

There are many reasons why cloud software is standard in companies today:

  • The cloud is faster to set up and easier to use.
  • The cloud makes it easy to adopt the latest features directly.
  • The cloud is easily scalable: Companies can easily expand their capacities.
  • The cloud gives the opportunity to concentrate time and resources on the core business.


Managed Hosting in the AWS Cloud

Managed hosting providers offer all these advantages and also take over all additional tasks, such as administrative recurring tasks, the control, maintenance and optimization of all tools, as well as their infrastructure. The fast and smooth migration of data from existing Atlassian environments means that there are no noticeable interruptions in the daily office routine.

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Here is the first part of our Cloud series: The basics of cloud computing and managed hosting

Scandio also has many years of experience with cloud hosting and Atlassian products. As Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner we have been one of your best contacts in Munich for more than 10 years for all your needs regarding Confluence and Co. As AWS Cloud Partner it makes sense to combine these two passions.

We have already proven that this works well with some of our customers (e.g. Landbell, Hallhuber or Cubeware). In the following we have taken a closer look at two of our customers.

Cloud Scaling

Marc O’Polo: the largest Atlassian Cloud user - thanks to AWS Cloud Backup

Good partners keep their backs free: Our customer Marc O’Polo has also been using Confluence and Jira in the cloud since last year, thanks to our help, as one of the first and largest Atlassian cloud customers. Our challenge was to find an automatic backup solution for these Atlassian tools that fits the customer’s cloud focus and is low cost. The development effort could be minimized by combining the services offered by AWS and developing a customized solution that could be integrated with Atlassian’s existing cloud backup service.

The Atlassian Cloud Backup

Marc O'Polo is the largest Atlassian cloud customer in Germany and uses Confluence as intranet system, Jira for project management and Jira Service Desk for service desk management. Download our free white paper on this topic here.

BMW AG and Scandio: Agility on Scale with Atlassian Datacenter in the AWS Cloud

Another example shows that we have been experienced partners of our customers in cloud support and scaling for years. In “Agility on Scale with the Atlassian Datacenter in the AWS Cloud” we mastered the following situation together with the BMW AG: Growth within the group led to a large number of BMW teams using a brand new DevOps toolchain and as a result, the demand for computing power across the entire IT stack increased significantly and abruptly. This led to often unstable systems and insufficient user-friendliness.

The best solution was quickly found, based on Atlassian’s reference architecture for the AWS Cloud with the support of AWS’ Auto Scaling technology.

  • to enable dynamic scaling of the EC2 nodes,
  • for automatic provisioning of new nodes based on threshold values
  • or to deactivate nodes that are no longer required.

Since then, the operation of EC2 nodes in several AWS Availability Zones has guaranteed the reliability of the entire system. The result of the migration is an extremely stable system with a significantly shortened response time, as well as a lower utilization of the support and service teams and more time for functional improvements.

Agility on Scale with Atlassian Datacenter and AWS Cloud

Together with the internal team of BMW we took over the responsibility for the migration of the Atlassian toolstack to the AWS Cloud. Download our free whitepaper on this topic here.

These and many other success stories show that working in the cloud accelerates work processes and also makes them significantly easier. As cloud enthusiasts, we are pleased to be able to consult more and more companies on this subject and to be able to win them as customers.

Please also read the first part of our Cloud series: The basics of Cloud Computing and Managed Hosting.

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