Securing the right tools for your team is no easy task — there are tons of choices to make in terms of the products, hosting types, apps, and plug-ins that will help set your team up for success. More and more, businesses are choosing to work in the cloud. The Atlassian product suite is no exception.

The following blog post, in cooperation with our partner Gliffy, describes a usecase for integrating apps into the Atlassian Cloud.

Why Customers are choosing Cloud for Atlassian Products

In 2019, Atlassian shared that 9 out of 10 of their new users are choosing Cloud as their hosting option. There are a few key benefits to using Atlassian’s most popular products, Confluence and Jira, in the cloud:

  • They’re easier to access from anywhere or any device
  • Updates to your tools are made automatically
  • You have the flexibility to scale as needed (and only as you actually need to!)
  • The Atlassian cloud has powerful integrations with tools like GSuite, Slack, and Dropbox
  • It’s more hands-off than server hosting options, while maintaining high security, compliance, and reliability standards.

As Atlassian bills their products as a “Collaboration Suite,” it’s clear to see how those benefits foster teamwork and communication.

Atlassian Products get even better with Apps

The team at Scandio offers a range of consulting and development Services that can help your unique business get the most out of Confluence and Jira. All in all, it’s their goal to make these tools as easy for your team to pick up as possible. They’ll help you identify other apps, integrations, and plug-ins to make your team successful.

Gliffy Diagramme

Which brings us to Gliffy. As the original app in the Atlassian Marketplace and the most deeply integrated diagramming tool available, the Gliffy team has spent over 15 years making their apps as easy to use and as helpful as possible. Diagrams and visuals like flowcharts, software architecture diagrams, and mind maps help teams collaborate and communicate more efficiently.

Gliffy and the Atlassian Cloud Products

Gliffy can be used extensively in conjunction with Atlassian Cloud Products and offers several useful advantages.

Gliffy Diagramme
  • Access: Gliffy is deeply integrated within Confluence and Jira, so your users never need to leave the instance or log into another tool to create diagrams. Information within your diagrams is easily accessible, too; you can search keywords or link to other pages and diagrams when using Gliffy in the cloud.
  • Automatic Updates: We’re always making innovative updates to Gliffy, with the goal being to create a tool that’s easy to use, but also packed with features. A key example: our newest release offers the ability for viewers of a diagram to toggle layers on and off within the viewer, so they can see as much (or as little) information as they need.
  • Scalability: If you expect your organization to grow, investing in intuitive tools is the way to go. Our drag-and-drop format makes it easy to quickly make a diagram — no time-consuming training necessary. We also have easy-to-use permissions management and admin tools, so more users is no problem.
  • Integrations: With Gliffy, you can embed diagrams in your favorite tools, like Trello, GSuite, or Slack. The links to these diagrams are always up to date, so you can change your diagram in Confluence and rest assured that nobody in your other tools is seeing outdated information.
  • Meeting Your High Standards: Because of Gliffy’s long history and deep Confluence and Jira integrations, the information you store in your diagrams is as secure as anything else in your instance. If you’re comfortable with the security, privacy, and reliability of the Atlassian Cloud, Gliffy meets your standards by default.

Get started with Gliffy

You can work with Scandio to set up your Gliffy evaluation with a free trial in Confluence or Jira!

You can also learn more about our diagramming apps at We can’t wait to see what you’ll make!

Gliffy who?

Visuals like diagrams help teams collaborate and build out new ideas faster than ever before. Our intuitive diagramming tool makes it all possible. Gliffy is an Atlassian Platinum Top Vendor and supports over 16 million users in Confluence and Jira Cloud.