Videos in Confluence - make it happen without public upload or an overflowing file system

Many companies use Confluence as an intranet platform for collaborative work and cross-company information exchange. However, including videos is often difficult - e.g. greetings from the CEO or the latest training video on corporate culture. Currently, such videos must either be uploaded to public platforms such as Youtube to embed them via a multimedia macro, or the upload limit for all file types on the entire Confluence instance must be increased to handle the high-resolution marketing video. A new app in the Atlassian Marketplace provides a better solution for data center installations:

Videos for Confluence by Bitperium

With Videos for Confluence, you, as the system administrator, decide which repository should be used for your videos. Choose between a separate file system on your network, similar to the SharedHome of the Confluence cluster, or an S3 bucket on Amazon Web Services (AWS). In both cases, the backup can be set up separately, which is a big advantage. That means that the often very large video files won’t drag out the normal system backup or complicate the process.

By the way: Scandio's consultants are experts when it comes to reliable backup of your Confluence instance!

The app also offers interesting and useful functions for Confluence users. For example, when uploading a video, you can choose whether the video should only be available in your Confluence space or globally. And of course you can add metadata to your video, which makes it easier for other users to find it.

With Videos for Confluence, videos are transformed into a separate content type that can be selected in the Confluence search - if a search is necessary at all. This is because Videos for Confluence comes with its own entry in the header bar, a global video “hub” where each user can filter, view, bookmark, save, and share the videos that are accessible to him or her.

Last but not least, videos can now finally be embedded seamlessly on all Confluence pages - in different resolutions and with or without metadata. With Videos for Confluence, your Confluence instance gets even more powerful, especially when it comes to the intranet: you extend Confluence to a media platform, and yet without bloating the file system - with a user experience that is in no way inferior to dedicated video platforms.

About Bitperium

Bitperium GmbH is a company of IT enthusiasts, based in the vicinity of Munich, Germany, with a strong background in software development, Atlassian consulting, and IT operations.

In order to leverage our know-how, we have founded Bitperium in 2021. Our first app in the Atlassian marketplace is Videos for Confluence, a complete solution to enrich any Confluence datacenter platform with advanced video capabilities. Many additional ideas, both for the existing app and for new extensions are already in our backlog.

“In our minds, the vision is to expand the Atlassian platform with many more exciting and original apps, pushing the current boundaries of innovation. We dream of more novelty, further development and movement all over the world.”

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