The ACE's in Munich are going into the next round! Today we want to introduce you to what the Atlassian Community Events are, how you can take part in them and why you should be there.

What is the Atlassian Community?

With over 4 million participants worldwide, it forms a global network of people who are passionate about working on new ways of working and want to share their knowledge and experiences. The aim is not only to introduce you to Atlassian products, but also to learn with and from other users. However, not only products are presented, but also other topics that affect them, such as collaboration within teams, productivity and its increase, or corporate development, human relations, process optimization and much more. Like the motto “come for the products, stay for the community”!

You can find more information about the community itself or take part in free courses about Atlassian products on the following website:

The ACE Munich, which will be held regularly again this year on a wide variety of topics in various locations in Munich, is led by Johannes Tegethoff, Scandio, Senior Consultant, and Max Förster, k15t, Customer Success. Click here for the community events:

Why is it worth taking part in an ACE in Munich?

We'll give you 5 reasons why you should be there:

  1. Find ideas and inspiration from those who have similar everyday challenges and how these can be transformed into opportunities and improvement opportunities using Atlassian products.
  2. Learn new skills for your personal development and take advantage of further training opportunities.
  3. Use the crowd knowledge and take a look at the examples from Atlassian consultants. You're not alone and you can rely on the support of the Atlassian team!
  4. Meet like-minded people from near and far in your new Atlassian home - grow your network and take advantage of evolving products.
  5. Engage in direct communication with Atlassian employees and help make the products even better.

Save the date: the next ACE in Munich will take place on May 15th.

Your journey starts now!

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