Artificial intelligence (=AI) is one of THE current buzzwords and influences almost every area of our everday lives. As a branch of IT and due to the digitalization in recent years, AI has developed into a very lively product. This rapid progress seems to be just gaining momentum and is already influencing us in so many areas - from the search for the fastest route to the next show recommendation on a streaming platform to existing smart home devices. AI algorithms are making things easier for us everywhere. This also means that more and more companies and start-ups are specializing in the technology or are at least developing further in this area.

This also applies to Atlassian, the Australian provider of software solutions for software developers with its Atlassian Intelligence (also called AI).

What is Atlassian Intelligence?

The collection of AI-powered functions is offered now for many Atlassian products and supports the performance of popular cloud products such as Jira, Confluence or Trello. In a sense, AI acts as virtual teammate, helping teams increase their productivity and work together more efficiently. Based on OpenAI, Atlassian makes it possible to improve the performance of their tools and offers users a seamless working environment.

Some benefits of Atlassian Intelligence

  • adaption to Atlassian solutions
  • integration into Atlassian programs
  • based on Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • across all areas - from search to navigation to content creation and task execution

Why is it worth using Atlassian Intelligence?

  • save time and resources
  • ease of work
  • easier creation of strategies
  • automatically optimized reports
  • improving communication
  • channels facilitated content creation
  • smart search function

Below we would like to show you a few examples of how AI can already be used. More features and functions will follow in the near future and AI will also be activated in other tools, such as Trello, Bitbucket or Atlassian Analytics.

Example: Confluence


  • create and transform content
    • improve writing style
    • suggest titles
    • improve grammar
    • shorten text
    • brainstorming
  • summarize content
  • create automations
  • define terms
Screenshot: AI Summarize in Confluence

Example: Jira Service Management


  • create and transform content
  • summarize content
  • suggest request types
  • answers to customer inquiries
Screenshot: AI Suggest in Jira Service Management

Example: Jira Software


  • create and transform content
  • search for issues
Screenshot: AI search for issues in Jira Software

Starting May 6th, Atlassian Intelligence will be automatically activated for all Premium and Enterprise plan products.

Click here for the Atlassian calculator.

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