Are you using Atlassian products? Then this news is for you ...

Effective February 15, 2023, Atlassian will increase pricing for Server and Data Center. This price change will affect all customers, including existing customers who need to renew their licence.

Specifically, what information should you keep in mind?

Prices will increase for Jira Software and Confluence products:

Server Jira Software         

 "Advantaged Plan"

  • <500 User: 15%

  • >500 User: 25%

Server Confluence

"Advantaged Plan"

  • <500 User: 15%

  • >500  User: 25%

Data Center Jira Software

"Advantaged Plan"


Data Center Confluence

"Advantaged Plan"


Do you still use Servers? Then you should know that:

  • No new features or functionality will be (further) developed for the server platform.
  • Servers: new apps will no longer be sold after February 15, 2023.
  • If you urgently need a new app/feature for your server instance, you need to buy it before February 15, 2023.

Save your budget

To save time, you can already apply for an early maintenance renewal with the current prices.

However, to be completely transparent with you, we recommend you think about migrating your existing server licences to the cloud or, if you're not ready, to a data center. Our Atlassian experts are happy to help you making the right decision according to your priorities.

Don't waste time and contact us today. We can guarantee processing only if the request is made by February 10, 2023.

Start your journey to the cloud!

The cloud has already evolved a lot and Atlassian implements many features to help you accelerate this transition (e.g. reporting, performance optimization, ...)  – and our consultants can help you to approach this change.

As Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, we advise companies of all sizes on digitization and the migration to the cloud.

Read for example how we helped our customer GRANDEL with its Atlassian cloud migration.

Do you feel like simplifying and facilitating your development in the cloud? We have the right solution! Contact us.