Atlassian’s Server End of Life will kick into next gear on February 2, 2022 - from then on, upgrades or downgrades of user numbers of server instances will no longer be possible. User numbers can then only be adjusted by moving to cloud or data center. Atlassian knows the future is in the cloud - and for good reason!

We will outline the benefits of moving to the cloud and how we can support you in your journey through our in-depth services.

More than 90% of new Atlassian customers choose cloud

Instead of installing and maintaining Atlassian products on your own servers, Atlassian takes care of hosting, scaling, securing and maintaining your products in the cloud. Easy as that! If you’re not convinced yet, have a look at the other advantages of the cloud:

Scale with confidence
Teams are able to get set up faster, and quickly scale new instances or shut down old ones in minutes.

Improved productivity
Manual upgrades out of hours become a thing of the past, and teams are able to dedicate their time and resources to their customers, rather than maintaining tools.

Reduced administrative costs
Physical hardware, maintenance, and other hidden administration fees can be costly. Save money with lower infrastructure costs by moving to the cloud.

Data security
Safeguard your data with built-in data security controls, disaster recovery tools, and encryption in transit and at rest.

Future-proof teams
Your teams get instant access to the latest features, product improvements, and integrations with other leading cloud systems, and can access projects from anywhere, on any device, with a rich mobile experience.

Moving to cloud - one step at a time

Moving to the cloud can be challenging, depending on the size and complexity of your instance. But there’s no need to worry! As a certified Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, we thrive on supporting our customers with their individual requirements for team features, migration complexity and timing when moving to the cloud. During this process, we reduce interruptions and downtime to a minimum.

By evaluating your current environment and providing you with a step-by-step migration checklist, we make sure to keep everything in track.

Phase 1 - Evaluation

To find the right migration strategy, we evaluate your current environment and and check the compatibility of existing third-party apps. We also ensure that Atlassian products meet your security and compliance requirements and will assist you in choosing the appropriate licensing model.

Phase 2 - Planning

Once you’re ready to migrate, we will plan the next steps and develop a strategy based on the scope and complexity of your data. As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, we can provide comprehensive assessment and consider different scenarios to find the best solution.

Phase 3 - Preparation

Now it’s time to migrate users, data and environments. We help you clean up self-hosted instances, set up a single sign-on, and choose the right user tier for your cloud site.

Phase 4 - Test

You’re almost there! In the final step, we ensure that your data is transferred securely and completely. We carry out a test migration to make sure the process runs error-free and that all your apps work smoothly in the new environment. Besides, you have the option to pre-test all features on the test site and get all the required training resources from us.

Good to know
For a limited time, Atlassian offers server and data center customers the opportunity to explore, evaluate and migrate to the cloud for free. With an extended cloud trial - your ticket to the cloud - you can:

explore Atlassian’s cloud products for free until your maintenance or subscription period expires.

discover which is the best solution for your teams by trying out the standard and premium cloud subscriptions.

discover which is the best solution for your teams by trying out the standard and premium cloud subscriptions.

Schedule a free 30-minute appointment and let us talk about your plans! Go directly to the calendar

Prepare your teams for the future

With in-depth know-how and a focus on your individual needs, our certified consultants will support your journey to cloud from the very beginning.

A number of renowned companies already enjoy the benefits of the Atlassian Cloud.
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