We invite you to our Agile Meetup in the new Scandio office Berlin!

On Thursday, January 26th, 2023, we are hosting a fun and informative evening around agile software development, together with our partner Miro. You can expect two exciting talks:

  • Decision Making Best Practice: Ways and methods in agile software development that lead to success.
  • SDLC & Delegation Poker: When great ideas collide.

Please bring your laptop, we will keep the sessions interactive! 🙂

The event will start at 18:00 CET in our Berlin office, Sonnenallee 223a. After the sessions, we will end the evening in relaxed atmosphere with food, drinks and of course plenty of time for personal networking.

Register for the event now!
In order to give all interested people a chance to grab one of the maximum 20 seats on site, please be fair and register only if you are really able to attend.


18:00 - 18:30 Arrival

18:30 - 19:30 Welcome & Sessions:

  • Scandio | Decision Making Best Practice: Ways and methods in agile software development that lead to success.
  • Miro | SDLC & Delegation Poker: When great ideas collide.

from 19:30 Food, Drinks and Networking

Decision Making Best Practice: Ways and methods in agile software development that lead to success

Especially in agile software development, the topic of decision-making is highly relevant: Scrum has become the standard framework for collaboration in a way. Agile teams operate in a self-organized manner and have to make decisions on their own responsibility at a high frequency. Accordingly, (non-hierarchical) decision-making is more important than ever in agile organizations.

Our experienced Scrum Masters Lukas Tepe & Leo Vilsmeier lead through an interactive workshop in which you:

  • learn about relevant decision making methods.
  • directly apply the methods in a practical example.
  • share your own experiences and questions.

SDLC & Delegation Poker: When great ideas collide

Lothar Schulz, Head of Development at Miro shows Software Delivery Life Cycle (SDLC) and delegation poker in action. Learn when and how to combine these tools to effectively and efficiently distribute responsibilities in the software development process.

He gives practical application examples of how you:

  • achieve agreement on responsibilities and tasks.
  • engage team members through controlled self-organization.
  • reduce the life cycle time to result.

The Speakers

Lukas Tepe, M. Sc., is involved in complex decision-making not only in his job as Scrum Master but also as a soccer referee. He tries to incorporate the experiences from his hobby into his work and to uncover parallels between the two contexts.

Leo Vilsmeier, B. Eng., has worked as a Product Owner, Product Manager and Scrum Master for various DAX companies and start-ups and has made, accompanied and experienced countless decisions with his teams.

Lothar Schulz, Head of Engineering at Miro, has extensive experience in software development and software life cycle management in the areas of mobility, internet, mobile, telecommunications and fonts. He is particularly excited about opportunities to initiate and drive new projects and motivate teams to achieve their ambitious goals. He feels particularly comfortable in a fast-paced and international environment. Lothar is passionate about programming.