We are a new partner of Kubermatic to further accelerate the development and deployment of Cloud-native applications.

We are pleased to introduce Kubermatic, as a new partner of Scandio. Kubermatic is one of the leading providers of Cloud-based enterprise platforms and services. Thanks to the partnership, we can provide our customers with an even faster and more agile migration of IT infrastructure and Cloud-native development based on the Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform.

Kubermatic solutions fit very well with our own vision and services that we offer to our customers regarding Cloud and development. It is not without reason that technologies, like Kubernetes, are part of our teams' repertoire to automate recurring processes and create innovative infrastructures.

Collaborating with Kubermatic was accordingly an obvious choice, and after a few weeks of behind-the-scenes preparations, we're happy to make the partnership official now. We think it's a pretty good start into 2023!

But before we go further into the collaboration, first some information about Kubermatic itself.

About Kubermatic

Kubermatic (formerly Loodse) provides a complete software solution for teams running containerized workloads in hybrid Cloud, multi-Cloud and edge environments.

The Kubermatic Kubernetes platform enables the automated operation of thousands of Kubernetes clusters on any infrastructure. Leading companies, like for example Lufthansa, Bosch, Siemens and T-Systems, rely on Kubermatic for their development into the native Cloud.

Founded in 2016 by Sebastian Scheele and Julian Hansert, the German company has a presence in over 23 countries. Kubermatic's corporate mission is for companies around the world to realize the full potential of automation to innovate and lead in the digital world.

We really like this approach around automation and innovation: combined with flexibility and resilience, these are the necessary for companies to scale their business models and modernize their existing IT infrastructure.

What we offer as a Kubermatic partner

As an IT service provider, we digitize products, processes and organizations for our customers. This also means support for Kubermatic solutions, from initial consulting to the final rollout. With container technologies such as Kubernetes, we automate recurring processes and create innovative infrastructures. Our goal is to reliably accompany and accelerate the native Cloud transformation of companies.

In detail, we offer:

  • Analysis of current (Cloud) architectures
  • Introduction of Kubernetes - from a single cluster
    to a multi-Cloud solution with a high number of clusters based on Kubermatic
  • Advice on setup, administration and account management.
  • Customized integrations and software development

Of course, as a partner, we also sell the corresponding licences for Kubermatic solutions.

Manually Deployments? Well not with us -we are thinking Cloud-native & Cloud-first!  Here you can find more details about our Cloud-Services.

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