Yet again, an eventful year is coming to an end! To reflect on 2022, we asked our Scandians a few questions about their highlights and learnings.

You'll also find out what we're looking forward to in 2023 and how we can best unwind between the years. So, grab a hot drink and - enjoy!

What was your personal Scandio highlight in 2022?

  • Maximilian: Scandio Team Connect, definitely!
  • Mile: The Team Connect - an overall well-organized event.
  • Katharina: Our "Get-to-Know Regensburg" day.
  • Lukas: I'm joining in with Team Connect. This year's ShipIt Days were also a highlight!
  • Leo: ShitIt. (Editor's note: Title of a ShipIt project that involved an overall makeover of the restrooms in our Munich office.)
  • Sabine: Meeting my new colleagues at the Scandio office.

Was there a particularly awkward/funny moment or even a failure?

  • Maximilian: On a team evening at the Munich office, we tried the "Schwenk-Halbe". 10 out of 10 Hintersch├╝tt points!
  • Lukas: The PI Planning Afterparty in Berlin with Tini and Matze.
  • Sabine: Shooting an interview with Nina for our social media channels was really fun!

What learning are you taking with you into the new year?

  • Maximilian: Team events are great, you can meet new colleagues and get to know old colleagues even better.
  • Lukas: Self-organization can be a big challenge.
  • Leo: Self-organization does not work on its own and must be actively pursued by everyone. Growth is a great opportunity, but can also be a challenge.
  • Mile: There is a lot to do. But that motivates me for the new year.
  • Sabine: Within every changed situation lies a new opportunity.

Was there anything you did for the first time this year? And would you do it again?

  • Maximilian: I attended a conference with colleagues for the first time. Would definitely do it again. 11/10 points!
  • Katharina: A team change! It's totally exciting to get to know other working methods and to be allowed to adjust to a new team.
  • Lukas: Working completely in Scrum - YES!

What are you most looking forward to in 2023?

  • Maximilian: To the normalization of life after this tough year (Corona, war, economic crisis).
  • Katharina: In the current situation, it is rather difficult for me to look positively into the future.
  • Lukas: I agree with that.
  • Mile: To all the changes we'll be embracing!
  • Sabine: I look forward to working with new colleagues.

What do you do "in between the years"?

  • Maximilian: I hopefully will go on vacation (it's too cold for me).
  • Katharina: Teaching my niece how to snowboard.
  • Lukas: VACATION!
  • Leo: Turn off Slack notifications, video gaming, reading.
  • Mile: Air dry my smoked meat and monitor the progress.
  • Sabine: Celebrate with my family and learn how to "do nothing".

How do you celebrate the end of the year? Are you having a big party or do you prefer to be at home with family/friends?

  • Maximilian: I don't organize big parties myself, but if someone invites me, I will gladly join. Otherwise, I will enjoy a cozy evening with one or two friends at the raclette followed by board games.
  • Katharina: Hiking up the mountain with a small group of friends around midnight and toasting to the new year with ice-cold feet.
  • Lukas: Rather cozy with a few friends.
  • Leo: Yes.
  • Sabine: Very relaxed with my family.

Thank you for your insights and reviews of the past year and your holiday plans!

We also wish all our customers, partners and friends peaceful and relaxed holidays and thank you for the great projects and moments in 2022!