We would like to report not only about our ShipIt-Days 2019 in general, but also about the individual team projects. Blogpost number two represents the “Sip It” team (Alina, Carla, Joschi, Maxi, Thomas).

“Beer. Probably the greatest constant in Scandio’s corporate culture. Innovation, ideas, discussions, friendships. All this comes from beer. We want to consolidate the cornerstone of Scandio - with “Sip It”. Beer from Scandio for Scandio.”

That was at least the official description of our project. And even though we may have exaggerated a little, the regular Friday beer is definitely part of Scandio. So why not make your own brew? Since we have some very passionate word-inventors at Scandio, the name was found relatively quickly: “Sip It” (like “Ship It”, you know).

The Brewing Process

What does it take to brew a beer? Of course, hops and malt! But also:

The Brewing Process
  • Brewer’s yeast
  • iodine
  • two large buckets
  • sieve or old sheet
  • thermometers
  • Beer bottles with swing stoppers (or crown caps - read below why we do not really recommend them)

Or you are as lazy as we are and simply buy a brewing-set on the “Internet” - there is a lot to find. I don’t want to bore you with the exact brewing process, there’s also a lot of information on the web. So much is said: you have to heat up a lot, stir and wait.

In the office it quickly smelled like a brewery. As a Münchner you’re probably used to that - but still some colleagues flew from the kitchen. But maybe it was also our playlist which consisted of 90% of this beautiful “Kassierer”-song.

The Bottling

As already warned above, we have not had good experiences with crown caps. The problem was that you have to put the crown capper on the bottle and then hit it with a hammer to fix the cap on the bottle. Unfortunately, Maxi didn’t have his supernatural powers under control and destroyed a bottle.


The marketing of our beer was not difficult for us at all. We simply accompanied our team member Joschi during his normal daily routine - and wanted to know what would happen if we added one or two Sip It beers. The fact that he spontaneously came up with an “ode to beer” even surprised us:


In addition to our love for beer, we Scandians also have a great love for technology - so we didn’t miss the chance to think of a special gimmick for our presentation. Our cute beer robot follows the word when you lovingly whisper a “go get some beer” to it via Siri command:

(Unfortunately, the IoT world still doesn’t know how the beer gets from the refrigerator into the robot, just as little as they know, how the cup gets into the coffee machine, if you control it by mobile phone).

The Result aka Drinking Experience

It looks really nice! But does it also taste good? After a ripening process of about 2 weeks, we let the caps pop - and then slightly distorted the faces. Unfortunately the beer was a bit bitter. But of course we don’t let that get us down! We just have to keep practicing brewing (and of course tasting it).

We are definitely looking forward to enriching Joschi’s everyday life with our Sip It beer in the future!