Keeping up with the rapid change in work culture might be one of the biggest challenges which companies are facing nowadays. In recent years, terms such as new work, agile project management and personality development have become slogans for a modern movement whose aim is to abolish classical hierarchies. Those who work in a self-organized manner fulfill their tasks more efficiently and feel individually strengthened within their work. Those who only carry out instructions given from “above” will find no sense in their job in the long run.

Scandio Teamstructure

The corporate structure of Scandio has developed straight in this direction over the last 5 years through constant growth. Since 2015, we have been working on the goal to enable our employees and teams to act with the highest degree of personal responsibility and self-organization. But this is a project that cannot be realised overnight. We had to ask ourselves some important questions in advance: Which tasks do we want to and can we hand over? Which processes suit us? How do the founders want to get involved in the companies daily business?

Since Scandio’s employees have always been open to “unconventional” methods, it was clear that the idea of self-organized teams would be successful. In our opinion, a high degree of trust is the basis for successful cooperation and creativity can only arise from freedom of thought and action.

Which processes we have developed over the last few years and on which part of the road to self-organization Scandio currently stands on are explained in our current white paper: