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    Jul 27, 2020 | Verena Stiegler

    Distributed work - Corona as an opportunity?
    “Distributed work”, “remote”, “new work”, “digital workplace”… Never before have these terms been used as often as in recent months. And secretly everyone can feel it, the working world as we know it is facing a cultural change. Some even talk about a revolution - or are we already right...
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    Jul 23, 2020 | Maximilian Koch

    Scandio-Report - Our F-Team - The Cloud Engineering Team with DevOps Focus
    Here comes the next episode of our Scandio Team Report. This time the interview was conducted remotely due to the current situation. The following blog post explains who the F-Team is, what the teams tasks are and tells a few funny anecdotes. Please introduce your team briefly (What do you...
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    Jun 17, 2020 | Maximilian Koch

    ShipIt Days 2020 Review
    Last week Scandio hosted its 7th internal Innovation Days. Even though we had to change some things in our schedule this year due to the current circumstances, we still worked on many exciting projects and most importantly: had a lot of fun. In the following blog post you can read...
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    Jun 09, 2020 | Maximilian Koch

    The DevSecOps Community Survey 2020
    Together with our partner Sonatype we worked on this year’s DevSecOps Community Survey. The survey involved 5,045 people from over 70 different countries, making it the longest and most comprehensive survey on DevSecOps procedures in the industry. This year again the main focus was on the differences between mature and...
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    Jun 04, 2020

    IoT Development - Smart oven thanks to Alexa Skill
    Challenge Who does not dream of it? A tasty lasagna like the one from Italy, but prepared by yourself at home. Of course, there are countless recipes for this in cookbooks or on the Internet. But can't this be simplified in times of increasingly smart kitchens? Yes! To enable users...
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    May 10, 2020 | Michaela Mayer

    The Scandio Cloud series Part 2 - Cloud <3 Atlassian
    The Cloud Series Part 2: In the second part of our Scandio Cloud Series we go into detail about “Managed Hosting - the Atlassian Stack in the Cloud” and explain all the benefits using exciting customer cases. Atlassian collaboration tools such as Confluence or Jira have long been an integral...
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    May 05, 2020 | Scandio Z-Team

    Scandio Report - Our Z Team Software-Developer with focus IoT
    The Scandio Team Report is launched this month as a remote interview. In the following blog post you can read who the Z-Team is and what exciting development projects they are working on. Keyword IoT. Katha, Lulu, Alina, Max, Marius and Mäx (l.t.r.) Please introduce your team shortly (What do...
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    Apr 15, 2020 | Michaela Mayer

    Save the Date - Team Up Forum 2020 by Scandio and K15t
    The virtual Atlassian community event “New Work”: This is how future-oriented teams work, on 30th of June 2020, starting at 9 AM Click here for free registration How well are you prepared for the changes in the working world and for your future teamwork? Especially in the last few weeks,...
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    Mar 31, 2020 | Michaela Mayer

    No Cabin Fever - Everyday Brain Jogging
    The Teams around Scandio, kreuzwerker and K15t talked about why “social distancing” is a very strange term and how a cabin fever affects our personal well-being. So why not use some time in the afternoon to learn something new and inspiring? That’s why we quickly created the format of no.cabin-fever.today. But...
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    Mar 11, 2020 | Michaela Mayer

    The Basics of Cloud Computing and Managed Hosting
    The Cloud Series - Part 1: Everybody talks about cloud, virtual space, scalability and managed hosting. But what is behind this technology and what advantages does it offer for companies? What does GDPR compliant and ISO27001 certified mean? Don’t worry, there is no need to google now. In the following...

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